Ji Eun Baek

Ji Eun Baek er amerikansk med far født i Nord-Korea. Hun underviser i offentlig politikk ved universitetet i Oxford der hun holder på med sin doktorgrad. Hun har skrevet North Korea’s Hidden Revolution. og skriver artikler i dagspressen som i New York Times: “Can Smuggled TV Shows Change North Korea?”

Om boka hennes skriver Yale University Press:
One of the least understood countries in the world, North Korea has long been known for its repressive regime. Yet it is far from being an impenetrable black box. Media flows covertly into the country, and fault lines are appearing in the government’s sealed informational borders. Drawing on deeply personal interviews with North Korean defectors from all walks of life, ranging from propaganda artists to diplomats, Jieun Baek tells the story of North Korea’s information underground—the network of citizens who take extraordinary risks by circulating illicit content such as foreign films, television shows, soap operas, books, and encyclopedias. By fostering an awareness of life outside North Korea and enhancing cultural knowledge, the materials these citizens disseminate are affecting the social and political consciousness of a people, as well as their everyday lives.


“In the last two decades, North Korea has gone through dramatic changes, largely because the old system of self-isolation began to crumble. In vivid detail, Jieun Baek’s book shows this hidden transformation and how it changed the lives of North Koreans. A truly interesting read for all people interested in North Korea.”—Andrei Lankov, author of The Real North Korea: Life and Politics in the Failed Stalinist Utopia

mer om henne på: http://jieunbaek.com/about-me/